Shutter & Shade

Ideal for bedrooms and film fans

Unlike traditional blackout blinds, the Shutter & Shade solution has an integrated room darkening blind, sitting snugly in its own channel, eliminating most light bleed from outside. As the frame overlaps the blind, you get a beautifully designed shutter to suit your interiors, as well as a stylish shade too. If you struggle to sleep due to light pollution, this option might be the solution.

Whether watching your favourite films, sporting events, or playing video games, glare from the sun can also be a real distraction. The room darkening fabrics allow you to enjoy the things you love, whenever you want, regardless of the time of day, providing a fantastic choice for home cinema experiences.

Room Darkening Blinds

Imagine creating a fantastically dark environment for sleeping, no matter what time of day.

If you have young children, they will need to nap during the day. Daytime sleeping also be a real issue for night workers and people who are on changing shift patterns. The room darkening Shutter & Shade range blocks out most external light, creating the perfect environment for getting some much needed rest.

Many existing so-called blackout blinds and fabrics still allow sunshine to seep into the room, from around the sides or through the slats. Even the smallest amount of light bleed can be a real problem, which is why we offer a solution that all but eliminates rays from both sun and street light alike.