Anguila Patio Awning


Make the most of your home and garden with our Awning blinds, luxury external shading systems that perfectly control the ambient conditions, transforming the use, functionality and enjoyment from all types of spaces.

Tortola Patio Awning

With its streamline cylindrical shape and robust design, the Tortola patio awning is our most popular residential awning.

Powerful folding arms featuring twin springs tensioned via double stainless steel sheathed cables keep the fabric taut at every position, whilst the unobtrusive full cassette casing protects the fabric and operating mechanism when the awning is retracted away. Concealed brackets (optional) and cast end caps provide an aesthetically pleasing finishing touch.

Cuba Patio Awning

The Cuba awning is the crème de la crème of our range, with its contemporary rectangular, flush fitting full cassette design that appears an integrated part of the façade and neatly conceals
the awning when retracted. The heavy duty folding arms with drop forged joints, feature quadruple stainless steel sheathed cables tensioning twin springs to ensure optimum fabric tension at every position, suitable for the most demanding of applications. Concealed fixing brackets and screwless alu end plates elegantly finish the awning off, whilst optional LED lighting can be built onto the underside of the cassette.

Anguila Patio Awning

Our entry level Anguilla patio awning is the little
brother to the Tortola model and boasts many of the same features, including a slim cassette casing that discreetly conceals the awning when not in use and robust double spring loaded arms tensioned via twin stainless steel sheathed cables for optimal fabric tension whether part or fully extended. Ideal for mounting where space is limited due to its reduced dimensions and convenient end block construction.