Why should you invest in a patio awning during the winter?

You might think that with Christmas and all of the associated present-buying on the way, now isn’t exactly the obvious time of year to purchase a patio awning. After all, won’t it be cold, dark and drizzly outside all the way until the spring? So you might as well wait until then, right?

Here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds, we know it’s precisely because of many of the above factors that having an awning installed right now can make so much sense. After all, companies that specialise in patio awnings in the UK, such as ourselves, aren’t quite as busy with awning installations during the colder months.

However, there’s also simply the fact that patio awnings can still be very useful even during November, December and January.

Protection from the cold and rainy weather

One of the great things about patio awnings is the way they effectively blur the boundary between the inside and outside of your home, thereby enabling you to experience some of the ‘great outdoors’, while also having a degree of protection against the elements.

Yes, it may be nippy at times during the winter, but with the UK being the UK, there will inevitably be periods even during the next few months when the sun is out and you fancy making use of your patio or garden. What about bringing out a chair and your laptop to do some typing in the open air, or even adding a table and more chairs to enjoy dinner with your family?

Whatever you want to do outside your home this season, one of our highly rated patio awnings in the UK can be ideal for shielding yourself, your friends, family or possessions from the ever-unpredictable British weather. Plus, we simply give you so many options for such awnings, whether automatic or manual.

Whatever awning you fancy, we can source and fit it

Whether you are having an awning installed at your property so that you can use it for outdoor activities, or perhaps to enhance your home’s ‘kerb appeal’ or complement your wider garden design, we can bring you the most suitable solution.

One of the big choices that you will need to make will be between motorised and manual operation, with the former providing control, convenience and peace of mind thanks to the accompanying remote control.

However, various accessories can also be incorporated into the awning that you order from us – including sun, wind and vibration sensors – while a timer can also be integrated to ensure your awning is in exactly the position you need it to be in at any given hour.

Our awnings are even available with patio heaters and spot lights – all the better for getting even more out of your investment at this seemingly unlikely time of year to spend outdoors!

As for your awning’s appearance, we also give you no fewer than 98 Dickson fabrics – 55 plain, and 43 striped – from which to choose.

Make us your choice for patio awnings in the UK

Did you know that our awnings are fully guaranteed for three years, and that we refuse to be beaten on price? Indeed, you can request your free quote from us now, and once you have accepted it, you will be able to draw upon our decades of experience.

Don’t use winter as an excuse to leave your home without an awning that you will be proud to use right through the seasons for many years to come!