Why consider buying an automatic awning for your Kent patio?

As you see more and more summer sunlight starting to trickle through the trees just outside your home, you could react joyfully to the opportunities this promises for your outdoor schedule. At last, weeks of outdoor reading, barbecuing and jacuzzi-ing await... or do they?

In truth, summer can play surprising havoc with your summer endeavours. As well as burning your skin, you could inadvertently end up damaging your furniture or spending too much on air conditioning – but these are all issues for which an automatic awning can provide a remedy.

You can keep your bronzed skin tan-tastic

You might see the summer as the ideal time to top up your tan, but you should be careful not to stay out in the sunshine for too long. Sadly, it can still easily happen – for example, when you get engrossed in a book or let yourself fall asleep while out on your patio.

In returning to your senses too late, you might react with shock to the reddened state of your skin – but you can rest assured that all of this can be avoided with an automatic awning from All Kent Shutters and Blinds. That's because the awning can automatically retract upon sensing excessive sunshine.

You can spare damage to your furniture

If the awning is fitted in such a way that it would conceal your furniture, too, from the sun's rays, such furniture can be prevented from being bleached or dried out by the sun. This isn't just referring to your outdoor furniture, either; don't underestimate the reach of those rays!

You can even save money on your air conditioning

It's not hard to see why we Brits get so excited each year by summer's arrival. After all, we can spare ourselves visits to the Costa del Sol or Hawaii to enjoy scorching temperatures right here in the UK instead.

However, all the same, we aren't too accustomed to hot weather in this country – with the result being that when outdoor temperatures do rise, our air conditioners can end up working overtime.

That doesn't bode well for our electricity bills, so why not take your pick from our range of automatic awnings? These are offered in a range of almost a hundred Dickson fabrics, which can help to ensure you choose the perfect automatic awning for you and your Kent home.