Why automatic awnings make sense for every home

You might have occasionally found yourself walking along the street, and noticed a person, couple or family relaxing outside their home, enjoying the shade provided by a patio awning. It’s not uncommon for many people at such a moment to consider whether they, too, should have an awning or two installed at their humble abode.

However, automatic awnings – like those that our team here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds can fit – may make particular sense. Here are a few reasons why.

They provide vital shade

Let’s mention the obvious benefit first – a patio awning is a great place to seek cool shade at times when temperatures are high and the sun is out, as is often the case during this season of the year. It helps that the fabrics used for our own automatic awnings have been treated for sun protection and are guaranteed not to fade.

They look amazing

Well, they certainly can look amazing, when you source your automatic awnings from us! We give you no fewer than 98 Dickson fabrics to choose from, 55 of them plain and 43 of them striped, so that you can achieve the appearance you desire for your awning. Plus, with our Valencia awnings incorporating Cleangard technology that protects against rot or staining, you can be sure that they will continue attracting admiring glances from passers-by for years to come.

They couldn’t be more convenient to operate

If you’re worried about having to fiddle about with your awning every time you want to extend or retract it, you can safely relax when you purchase one of our automatic awnings. As the term ‘automatic’ implies, they’re not only motorised, but can also operate automatically in response to the conditions if you have yours fitted with sun, wind and vibration sensors.

They can last well beyond the summer

You might have been deterred from having a patio awning fitted at your property due to a suspicion that it wouldn’t last for very long. After all, surely the manufacturers probably design them to start deteriorating after just one or two summers? Thankfully, that’s not the case when you go for one of our automatic awnings, which are fully guaranteed for three years.

Really, it’s amazing just how many advantages the right automatic awnings can give you, as well as how many options you can pick from for such awnings. Why not brighten up your own spring and summer, then, by contacting All Kent Shutters and Blinds about having one fitted at your home in Sidcup, Maidstone, Bexley or anywhere else in this beautiful corner of England?