What options can we give you when you’re looking for bespoke shutters in Kent?

Aren’t shutters just fantastic? You might have walked past someone’s home and gazed admiringly at their traditional-looking wooden shutters, or you may have had some installed at your property previously. Whatever the situation, there’s something about both the old-school, charming aesthetic and fuss-free practicality of shutters that might make them an irresistible addition to your windows.

Whether you live in Maidstone, Sidcup, Bexley, Bexleyheath or anywhere else in Kent or South East London, there’s no finer installer to which to turn for made-to-measure shutters than All Kent Shutters and Blinds.

However, it’s not just our ability to supply genuinely bespoke shutters in Kent – including those that are perfectly suited to awkward or unusually-shaped windows – that should make us your first-choice supplier. That’s because we can also give you a wealth of shutter types and styles to choose from, to ensure yours are ideal for the particular room and how you intend to use them.

Whatever your shutter requirements, we can serve them

If you’re looking for shutters that don’t merely have the right traditional shutter appearance, but are also highly durable and more affordable than the wooden shutters you might have seen advertised elsewhere, you just can’t beat our Seattle shutters. They’re made from MDF, which gives you the perfect combination of inexpensiveness and premium-quality looks – and you’ll barely need to spend any time maintaining them, either.

But we can also present you with all manner of other options for bespoke shutters in Kent, dependent on your priorities and budget. Our Boston shutters, for instance, also incorporate some MDF in the frames to minimise costs, but are otherwise crafted from high-quality solid basswood. Our Carolina shutters certainly look the part too, and are extremely robust thanks to their creation from Forestry Stewardship Certified hardwood.

Then, there are our slightly more specialised shutters to consider. If you’re seeking out bathroom shutters, for example, we can bring you Hollywood shutters that are constructed from super durable ABS, with a reinforced style and matt finish; most crucially, they are fully waterproof, which makes them able to withstand nearly anything in a bathroom.

Finally, we’re also proud of our Shutter & Shade solutions, with their incorporation of a room darkening blind for when you really do need to eliminate as much light from outside as possible – perhaps for a daytime sleep or to enjoy a film.

Don’t accept anything less than the best!

Such is our confidence in our bespoke shutters in Kent, as well as the associated measuring and installation service we provide, that we don’t use a salesman. Instead, we continue to attract customers through word of mouth and our unrivalled reputation for the quality and practicality of our made-to-measure shutters, blinds and awnings.

So, why look anywhere else in this beautiful part of England, when you can have the best? Simply contact the All Kent Shutters and Blinds team today for your free quote, in the knowledge that we refuse to be beaten on price, and also provide a five-year warranty on all of our work for your even greater peace of mind.