For those harsher, wetter environments, only our Hollywood shutters will do

Now, when we talk about “harsher, wetter environments” in this blog post, we realise that you might think we’re referring to the frightfully cold and drizzly weather at this time of year. But nope, we’re actually addressing the not-insignificant matter of how harsh and wet conditions can get inside your Kent home. By that, we are, of course, touching on the subject of bathrooms and other internal wet and damp areas.

It’s an important subject, because if you’re long loved the idea of having gorgeous traditional wooden shutters fitted right around your Maidstone, Bexley or Bexleyheath abode, you might’ve sighed at the thought that they wouldn’t be suitable for use near a bath or sink.

Sure enough, dampness and moisture certainly can be among the greatest enemies of a shutter – but that doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, our Hollywood shutters here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds are a superb example, as they’re made not from vulnerable wood, but instead from extremely durable ABS, despite looking much like any other traditional shutters.

So, what exact benefits do these shutters bring?

The headline advantage of these window shutters is, of course, the fact that they’re completely waterproof. You therefore won’t really have to worry about them deteriorating over time as they’re exposed to the wetness and moisture of your bathroom, kitchen or similar damp area.

As you might expect, these are really strong and long-lasting window shutters in general, but they also tick plenty of other important boxes. They’re higher-quality shutters than vinyl, for instance, but are just as affordable.

As for appearance, their matt painted finish helps to ensure they look the part – and sure enough, such hues as Pure White, Silk White, Bright White, Pearl, Cameo and Bisque are all available for these shutters.

An unparalleled service from trusted shutter fitters in the UK

All in all, these are the kind of top-quality shutters that you might expect an actual Hollywood celebrity to own. But in reality, they can be yours for an amazingly good price, created and installed at your Kent home on a made-to-measure basis by our renowned professionals.

In fact, why wait any longer? Call the All Kent Shutters and Blinds team of renowned shutter fitters in the UK or send us an email, and we’ll get straight back to you with a highly competitive quote.

Remember, too, that we provide a three-year guarantee on all work, and absolutely refuse to be beaten on price!