Shipping & Logistics Challenges

Shipping and Logistics Challenges We are writing to inform you of the challenges we are currently experiencing with receiving shipping containers into the UK. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been considerably increased pressure on the global shipping market that is creating despatch at origin and arrival delays here in the UK. This has led to major disruption to our landing slots as you may have noticed from your estimated delivery dates being changed and updated as we receive the information from the shipping line. On top of container despatch and arrival dates being unreliable, we have seen vessels re-routed with unscheduled stops as well as being sent back to sea with hundreds of containers still on board as they struggle to offload at the port. We have looked closely at all transit alternatives such as the train and air but these are also either overloaded or operating at a severely reduced capacity and inflated costs. Shipments for the rest of this year are almost certainly going to be affected and we anticipate continued delays and disruption for at least the first quarter of 2021. We here at All Kent Shutters are doing everything possible to update the estimated date of arrival for all of your orders as soon as we receive information as well as working quickly and efficiently to despatch your goods from our courier partner once we have control of them. We understand and appreciate the desire to receive your goods as soon as possible but request your patience and understanding during this very challenging period. If you have any questions regarding this information or your orders, please feel free to contact us. Kind regards.