Pleated blinds are a fun, practical and unusual choice for your windows

With so many different types of blinds and shutters to pick from for Kent homeowners, you might have wondered whether pleated blinds could be a good option for your own property.

Sure enough, it’s true that pleated blinds offer a certain appeal beyond your average window blind. If you like the idea of having textured and soft blinds fitted that can also be counted on to provide shade and privacy, you can’t do much better than these neat and practical window coverings.

But why, specifically, might pleated blinds make so much sense in your home in Maidstone, Bromley, Bexley or elsewhere in Kent, especially when you have yours made and installed by the All Kent Shutters and Blinds team?

Not only good-looking, but also functional and versatile

As is the case with other types of blinds and shutters, people are often initially drawn to pleated blinds because of their looks. And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially as they give you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you use them alongside all of those other home decor touches!

You might opt for pleated blinds as an interesting way to add unexpected elements of colour to your domestic space. Depending on the pleated blinds that you ultimately choose, they can also go well with all manner of both plain and patterned interior design elements.

This type of blind can also be as well-suited to a large window as it is to a small one. In addition, the soft shading effect associated with pleated blinds makes them an especially common choice for conservatories, where some way of filtering sunlight is often desired to prevent the room becoming overly hot and uncomfortable.

And of course, you may also choose pleated blinds just because you think they look more interesting than such more obvious alternatives as roller or Venetian blinds. They certainly have a distinctive appearance for those spaces where you might desire something a little different!

You’ll struggle to find better pleated blinds than ours!

Ordering your pleated blinds from All Kent Shutters and Blinds brings a range of benefits, and not just our refusal to be beaten on price!

That’s because we also give you a strong assortment of options for your pleated blinds, including various materials and even a solar reflective backing to enable the blind to reflect heat and light from the sun. The latter feature is handy during the summer for lowering temperatures in your home, but will also help to keep more heat within your property when the winter comes back round.

The above factors, though, are just a few of the great reasons to look to All Kent Shutters and Blinds for your new set of gorgeous pleated blinds.

So, with the summer looming, why not get in touch with our professional and friendly team now to discuss your exact needs, as well as to arrange a competitive quote for blinds that you are sure to fall in love with?