Our automatic awnings add both style and practicality to your Kent abode

There aren’t too many forms of home improvement that the typical resident of Maidstone, Bexley, Bexleyheath or Sidcup can invest in that would instantly enhance the attractiveness of their home, without much money even needing to be spent.

Of course, you could have your loft converted or an extension built, but these are massive undertakings. Much the same could be said of that old British favourite, the conservatory.

But if you’re considering what sophisticated addition could be made to your Kent property right now in readiness for the return of the spring and summer months, why not take a look at our automatic awnings here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds?

A great-looking patio awning for your home

Whether you regularly invite guests to your home and would like to give them a usable outdoor space in which they can enjoy some shade as the sun and heat gradually pick up, or you are instead interested in having somewhere hospitable to sit on your own as you type away at your laptop, it’s hard to think of a better option than one of our automatic awnings.

For one thing, they certainly look good – and can be depended on to continue looking good for a long time to come. You’ve got no fewer than 98 Dickson fabrics to choose from – 55 plain and 43 striped – and they’ve all been specially designed to stand up to outdoor conditions.

This means that our Valencia automatic awnings are guaranteed to resist fading, are rot proof and don’t become stained, either. You don’t even need to worry about the fabric of your awning stretching or sagging over time.

When you also consider the four valance shapes from which you can select, it becomes even more obvious that your awning from us really can be designed to match the exact look you want.

Amazing functionality and an unbeatable price

Whatever option or extra you might desire for your Kent home’s new patio awning, it will almost certainly be available here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds.

You can choose between manual and motorised operation, of course. But you can also have sun, wind and vibration sensors added to your awning, as well as spot lights and patio heaters to help to make your patio a wonderful place to be even in colder and darker conditions.

A timer along with heating and lighting preferences can also be incorporated into your awning. Plus, when you make your awning a motorised one, you’ll even be given a remote control that will enable you to exercise complete control over the awning’s operation.

Could you honestly hope for more from your next awning, especially given that we throw in a full three-year guarantee as well? Well, yes, there is one more thing we can provide: an amazing price. We’ll even happily match any quote from a competitor for a like-for-like product.

Request your quote for an automatic awning from All Kent Shutters and Blinds right now, by calling 0800 298 4370 or 0208 300 5536, or completing and submitting our straightforward contact form.