It’s not too late to have your own gorgeous automatic awning fitted!

We’re just so used to those months of grey clouds and drizzle here in the UK, that it can almost take us by surprise sometimes when the summer finally hits, and turns out to be every bit as vibrant as it promised to be. We can understand, then, if you’re only just wondering now whether you should have a patio awning installed at your Kent home.

Here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds, we serve homeowners around Kent, including in such localities as Sidcup, Bexley, Bexleyheath and Maidstone. So if you live nearby, why not contact us about one of our automatic awnings that would really help you to make the most of the sun?

What makes an automatic awning so useful anyway?

You might think that, yes, you’d love to have an awning fitted at your home to provide you with some shade while reading a book or magazine in the sun... but what about once summer’s over? Wouldn’t a patio awning be a hassle to deal with, and vulnerable to those flashes of wind and rain that can so often strike with zero notice here in Britain?

Well, that’s why All Kent Shutters and Blinds offers automatic awnings. Yes, you can still have a traditional manually operated awning if you prefer... but many of our customers just adore the sheer convenience that an automatic awning can bring.

Indeed, when we say ‘automatic’, we truly mean automatic, as the likes of a timer and sun, wind and vibration sensors can be incorporated into your awning to ensure it extends and retracts at exactly the times you need it to do so.

Get in touch now with our professional and friendly team

The sheer versatility of our automatic awnings – as well as the three-year guarantee provided with them – helps to make them a sensible option for use right through the year, not just during the summer. Whenever the weather starts looking good even at the height of the winter, there’s nothing stopping you from using yours to enjoy the great outdoors, in the comfort of your home.

Call or email the All Kent Shutters and Blinds team, then, and we’ll not only be able to give you a free quote – it’ll also be a competitive quote, given that we refuse to be beaten on price.