How to choose the right awnings for your patio this summer

By its meteorological definition, summer finally arrived on British shores on the first day of June, bringing with it scorching Celsius temperatures in the high 20s. It all bodes well for the rest of the season, and it isn't too late for you to prepare for it.

Indeed, you could do that by investing in an awning to be fitted above your patio.

While you might intend to spend much of this summer swimming in the sea or relaxing on the beach, an awning could provide you with a comfortably summer-ready environment for when you get back to your Kent home.

What aesthetic style would you like for your patio?

If your patio and wider home adhere to a specific visual style, you might want to choose an awning that matches or complements that. This wouldn't have to be tricky, given the range of almost a hundred Dickson fabrics – including plain and striped designs – in our selection.

We can talk you through your options if you ring our freephone number on 0800 298 4370. Keep in mind that our awnings are also made to measure in maximum widths of 5.5 metres, which is reassuring, as the right size is important in your choice of awning.

To discern the ideal size for your awning, measure the width of the awning's intended location before adding roughly seven inches to each side. You can then pass this measurement onto us when ordering your awning from our team here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds.

Don’t look elsewhere for your dream awning

It's possible for you to source your awning in motorised form, allowing you to control it remotely like an automatic garage door. Something else that can affect the awning's effectiveness is its angle, should you intend the awning to shield a window from letting excessive sunlight through.

For an east or west-facing window, you shouldn’t allow the awning's drop to exceed 65% to 75% if you want optimum performance. However, with a south-facing window, a drop of 45% to 60% would suffice, as the sun's angle would relieve you of quite as much need for coverage.

Finally, as a full three-year guarantee is included with each of our patio awnings for UK households, you can rest assured that our waterproof and sun-protected awnings are built to last.