Enjoy the best things about both wood and PVC blinds by having Fauxwood blinds installed

Let’s face it; we all want to be able to enjoy the things we really want in life, with none of the drawbacks. Of course, in most situations, that isn’t possible – but when you’re in the market for new bathroom or kitchen blinds, you absolutely can have everything you want!

Allow us to explain. We’re referring to our ever-popular Fauxwood blinds, which – as their name suggests – very much look like wood, but also offer the impressively hardwearing qualities of PVC.

You see, real wood blinds aren’t necessarily a good idea in parts of the home that frequently have high levels of humidity. You certainly won’t want those gorgeous new window blinds you worked so hard to afford, to start looking worse for wear when you haven’t even had them for very long.

But longevity is hardly the only reason to buy these blinds

Our Fauxwood blinds are also referred to as ‘wood expressions’ blinds, and it’s fair to say that they represent the perfect balance between looks and practicality for many of our customers throughout Kent.

When you want to grace your home in Maidstone, Bromley, Dartford or elsewhere in this beautiful county with blinds that are gorgeous, cost-effective and resistant to the effects of humidity and high traffic, these could be the perfect ones to get.

We certainly give you a lot of choices that will enable you to get the aesthetic of your Fauxwood blinds just right. You can pick from three slat widths, for example – 38mm, 50mm and 63mm – and 12 colours. Those include seven hues in a wood grain effect, as well as white and ivory in a smooth Silk finish, and white, ivory and black in an unashamedly contemporary High Shine finish.

Coordinating tape for each colour can even be specified, provided that you choose the 50mm blinds. It’s all part of a complete service here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds that is about catering to your exact preferences and needs, at a price that won’t be bettered by any other supplier and fitter.

Why not make them a New Year treat?

January is, it’s fair to say, a time of year when we tend to be thankful for blinds – the weather’s dreary and the skies dark, and we simply want to shut out the world when we get home. Well, that’s the case until the spring and summer, anyway, when your blinds will come into their own in a whole new fashion.

The hotter and sunnier months, though, can also be ones when companies like All Kent Shutters and Blinds are in great demand, which could equate to a longer wait for your blinds to be fitted.

So why not ‘get ahead of the curve’ during this New Year period, by enquiring to us now about our Fauxwood blinds – or whatever other blinds or shutters may interest you as a possibility for your Kent abode?