A beautiful patio awning could make it easier to sell your Kent home

We’ve recently talked here on the All Kent Shutters and Blinds blog about the many wonderful reasons to invest in patio awnings in the UK – even during the winter season when you might have imagined that an awning is the very last thing you’d want to purchase.

You’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to automatic awnings from us!

Kent is a beautiful part of England, so why wouldn’t you want to make the most of living here? That’s precisely what our automatic awnings here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds enable you to do – whatever the time of year!

As we mentioned in another of our recent blog posts, patio awnings aren’t just useful in the summer – they’re also a great addition to your home in any season.

Why should you invest in a patio awning during the winter?

You might think that with Christmas and all of the associated present-buying on the way, now isn’t exactly the obvious time of year to purchase a patio awning. After all, won’t it be cold, dark and drizzly outside all the way until the spring? So you might as well wait until then, right?

We have every option for you among our shutters in London

Picking the right window coverings for your London home – and certainly the right company to install them – can be trickier than you initially think. You might expect at first that just any old set of blinds would do, only to walk past a house at some point that has gorgeous shutters. It might just make you think... shouldn’t I invest in some for my own property?

Have an automatic awning installed at your Kent home this autumn

We’re sure we aren’t being too biased in declaring the Maidstone area one of the most beautiful and fascinating in the whole of England. As we know well here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds, homeowners in such localities as Weavering, Bearsted and Langley certainly take great care of their properties and want to get the best out of them.

Shutters Delivery in time for Christmas

I can't believe its this time already....Who would like these beauties in their homes pre-Christmas. Our Christmas cut off date is 6th October 2017. All deposits must be paid by then to guarantee PRE CHRISTMAS INSTALLATION. Call and make your appointment asap for your FREE quotation ready for Father Christmas' delivery this year....!

Good reasons to choose pleated blinds for your conservatory

When it is conservatory windows that you seek blinds for, we most strongly advise that you spend your money on pleated blinds. When you turn to our company, there are more than 110 fabrics for you to choose from for such blinds – and this is hardly the only reason to consider them.

Pleated blinds can add visual character

The practical benefits of purchasing an awning for your patio

If your house has a patio, we imagine that you might like to spend a lot of time there – after all, it can be a very relaxing place to be.

However, you might not have realised just how much this experience could be enriched when you buy one of our patio awnings in the UK.

You can stay outside for longer

A great testimonial this morning....

A great testimonial this morning.... Tidiness: 10 Reliability: 10 Average: 10 Courtesy: 10 Workmanship: 10 Fitters arrived on time. Both very friendly and tidy. Took their shoes off at door. Did an excellent job and very pleased with the shutters. Nikki the office was very friendly and helpful. Would recommend their company . Mr & Mrs Mason based in London 14 August 2017

Automatic awnings offer the ultimate in elegance and convenience

Many people living in such areas of Kent as Maidstone, Sidcup, Bexley and Bexleyheath have long wished to install a patio awning at their home, but may have hesitated for all manner of reasons.

Of course, there are the usual concerns that people have about this kind of thing – such as appearance and price – but many homeowners are also often unsure as to which type of awning would best suit their needs.

May we therefore suggest that you consider one of the many automatic awnings from our extensive range?