Blackout blinds have many more applications than you might think

You may have heard about blackout blinds, and wondered how they could possibly have so many benefits that they make more sense as a purchase than a more conventional set of roller, Roman or vertical blinds. After all, who could possibly require a complete absence of natural light from one or more of the rooms of their house?

The answer, as it happens, is "quite a few people", although the reasons that they may cite will likely greatly vary. So here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds, we thought we would guide you through a few of them.

They're about much more than just good sleep

The more you think about blackout blinds, the more sense they might make to you. After all, we live in an age of stressed-out insomniacs - we know that there are certainly more than a few of you in Kent! If you are sensitive to light or are working shifts, the opportunity to catch a few winks in a room that is so dark as to effectively convince your body that it is night time, even if it isn't, may be a blessed relief.

However, an improved ability to get some sound sleep is far from the only reason to invest in blackout blinds. They're also great for privacy, for example, enabling you to get dressed in a bedroom or bathroom without the fear of being seen.

Then, there are the slightly less conventional reasons to buy these marvellously effective blinds. Some people purchase them to help minimise 'sun fade' in their property - the phenomenon whereby the carpet, upholstery and other textiles in a home can be damaged by excess sunlight over time. Oh, and they're natural insulators too, retaining heat at cold times of year and preventing unwelcome heat from coming into your home once the summer arrives.

Alternatively, maybe you've just invested in setting up a cinema room in your house, and would like to use extensive blackout blinds to keep the sound and light levels from outside low, so that you can enjoy a more authentic cinema experience.

Have your new blackout blinds installed by us!

There are so many great reasons to turn to All Kent Shutters and Blinds for the supply and fitting of blackout blinds if you are a resident of such a local area as Maidstone, Sidcup, Bexley or Bexleyheath. Did you know, for example, that we offer no fewer than 22 Memphis blackout fabrics for our roller blinds?

Don't hesitate to see what difference to your everyday life the right blackout blinds could make. Contact our team now for a free quote, in the knowledge that we refuse to be beaten on price.