The arrival of spring means it’s time to install a stunning patio awning

Kent is obviously a lovely part of England in which to live all year round, but it is at this time of year that it most lives up to its billing as ‘The Garden of England’. So many people in such areas as Sidcup, Bexley, Bexleyheath and Maidstone are making the most of the increasingly sunny weather – but could a patio awning from All Kent Shutters and Blinds help you to do that?

You see, a patio awning can be so much more than a mere shelter or source of shade. It can really make your home a more appealing place to be, as you’ll realise when you peruse our own range of industry-leading patio awnings in the UK.

What makes our own awnings special?

First of all, an awning doesn’t have to be a crude thing that you have outside your home during the spring and summer, but which is an unnecessary nuisance at other times of year. That’s because our awnings are available with a choice of motorised or manual operation, so you can easily retract yours in line with when you actually need it.

Oh, and they look great, too. We give you a whopping 98 Dickson fabrics to choose from in total – 55 plain and 43 striped – so that you can have a patio awning fitted that perfectly suits the appearance of your home. This is further helped by the slim 26cm cassette and the four valance shapes from which you can select.

Your awning will also remain just as stylish and sophisticated-looking for many springs and summers to come, as our fabrics are highly durable and resistant to stretching or sagging.

So many ways to make your awning your own

It isn’t just the appearance of our patio awnings in the UK that help to make one a stunning addition to your Kent home this spring or summer.

After all, we also give you various heating and lighting options, including patio heaters and spotlights. Sun, wind and vibration sensors can be specified too, complete with an integrated timer so that your awning really can operate automatically in response to the prevailing conditions.

Finally, all of our motorised awnings come with a remote control and are fully guaranteed for three years, so you can have the utmost peace of mind when you have yours installed by our expert fitters.

Wherever you live in Kent, don’t hesitate to contact the All Kent Shutters and Blinds team today to request the installation of a made-to-measure patio awning that’ll help you to get the absolute most out of the warmer months of 2018.