5 of the beautiful blinds we can supply and fit for you right now

It’s easy to imagine that choosing the right blinds for your Kent home would be relatively simple – after all, isn’t it just a case of opting for whatever looks good on your windows, while also being available at the right price?

Alas, there’s a little something more to the task than that – but thanks to our extensive selection of beautiful made-to-measure blinds here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds, it doesn’t have to be overly difficult to choose the ideal blinds for your own preferences and requirements.

In fact, here are just five styles of blinds that can be ordered from us right now, when you make us your choice of quality blind suppliers in Bromley, Bexley, Maidstone or elsewhere in Kent.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds have always been a classy, unfussy and practical type of blind. They make it as easy as you like to control the amount of light you wish to allow into your home, while also exuding a lot more style than the typical net curtain that you might’ve been tempted to put up instead. We can produce and fit vertical blinds that nicely complement the rest of your home decor.

Venetian blinds

Again, Venetian blinds are highly versatile from a style point of view, enabling you to make a bold statement or instead go for a more subtle aesthetic. Our own Venetian blinds here at All Kent Shutters and Blinds are lightweight, hardwearing and can be specified in one of four slat widths.

Fauxwood blinds

You don’t have to choose between looks and practicality when you have the option of our Fauxwood blinds. That’s because, as their name indicates, they appear to be genuine wood, but actually offer the benefits of PVC – and are economically priced, too. You might opt for these for your kitchen, bathroom or another humid environment, for instance, so that you can have hardwearing style.

Roller blinds

Whether it’s looks, practicality or price that you are most looking for in your next blinds, it’s hard to think of a better solution than roller blinds. Choose us as your quality blind suppliers in Bromley, Bexleyheath or Dartford, and you’ll have no fewer than 281 fabrics to pick from, all available with a new valance headrail. We also offer mix and match poles and finials and pulls.

Pleated blinds

As you might imagine, pleated fabric blinds look pretty amazing, with sheer pleated blinds representing an excellent contemporary alternative to net curtains. Again, we can give you a huge range of choices for these blinds, including having a solar reflective backing incorporated to help to prevent you from feeling too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Make the right choice of blinds now, and you’ll be thankful for a stylish and practical solution that caters nicely to your most specific preferences and needs. But making the right choice of quality blind suppliers in Bromley, Sittingbourne, Belvedere or wherever else you may be based in Kent, is just as important – so don’t hesitate to contact All Kent Shutters and Blinds for a quote today, to ensure you benefit from the very best blinds at the most economical price.