Paulownia Hardwood Shutters

It offers excellent dimensional stability due to it's engineered core which greatly reduces the possibility of warping. Paulownia's fine grain texture, knot-free appearance and low oil content make it the perfect timber to be stained or painted.

In terms of durability Paulownia although classified as a Hardwood by nature. Wwe treat it with a Gesso coating (acrylic polymer base) prior to going through the painting process, adding rigidity and longevity.

The Paulownia material has a different style Clear View rod to the Basswood and PVC Shutters, which allows for more movement when the louvres open and close so as not to place strain on the wood.

Available Colours: 
004 Bright White
003 Silk White
001 Pure White
009 Creamy
006 Pearl

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